Independent Leeds

About us

Welcome to Independent Leeds; your independent finger on the city’s pulse. Since 2012 Independent Leeds has been digging out the differences to showcase the real Leeds. From the centre to the suburbs, we’ve visited countless businesses and met an array of individuals to create the optimum way to discover this great city; in print, online and on the go.

Through our Little Black Book, magazine, website and social media, Independent Leeds is the go-to place for locals and visitors alike to discover all that’s going on across the city. We offer the most extensive guide to hundreds of amazing independents throughout Leeds, from the famous Kirkgate Market to a favourite tucked away takeaway. And our what’s on listings scour the streets to take you to your chosen Leeds happening, whether at the world renowned Arena or a back street boozer.

In this city full of diverse talents, we welcome everyone with something to say and offer an inclusive platform for writers, photographers and illustrators to share fresh content and tell the untold stories and unfake news of Leeds. Our citywide network been growing organically – by the people, for the people. With a commitment to support and connect companies, consumers, contributors and communities, and display all that makes Leeds, Leeds.

Whether you are a lifelong local or a first time visitor, a business, a seeker or a contributor, Independent Leeds makes it easy to make the most out of Leeds. We look beyond the surface at the life bubbling under, to bring all the unique parts of this city into one connected space; to facilitate, curate and celebrate the differences; and to make Leeds the best that it can be for everybody.

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