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LS6 Street treats

5th April 2017

Leeds artists have been brightening up their neighbourhood pavements. Just off Headingley centre and north of the cricket ground there are 20 Virgin Media Communication boxes, which the Ash Road Area Residents Association (ARARA) gained permission to paint and decorate, all with the aim of improving the look of the area. YEA!!!!

Stompin’ For Simon

4th April 2017

Simon on the Streets is an independent charity whose focus is to help improve the lives of people sleeping on the streets of West Yorkshire. Reliant on fundraising to continue and increase their incredible work, four guys from Leeds FD Arena have been doing just that with a series of ‘Stomps’.

Leeds’ Female zine scene

3rd April 2017

In today’s political climate, it’s hardly surprising that females around the world are returning to 90s born fem-zine culture. With their origins in Washington state, female zines were created as a backlash against the sexism and misogyny present in the American punk scene of the time.

Digger’s Island Discs: Francis Bavetta

2nd April 2017

Digger’s Island Discs explores the collections of Leeds’ most prolific vinyl slingers and groove bringers to present us with the records they could not live without…

Living easy, running free: Leeds freerunning

1st April 2017

David Nelmes is a Parkour/Freerunning athlete who has climbed, moved and jumped across the streets of Leeds since discovering the sport as a teenager. Now he travels the streets of the world to experience Parkour’s adrenaline highs and unique views. Here is his story of a Parkour life…

A family affair

31st March 2017

Cleve Freckleton is Leeds street soul musician Reverend Chunky and father of Marcus Freckleton. Marcus Freckleton is Leeds street grime musician Dialect and son of Cleve Freckleton.

For the love of Leeds

30th March 2017

Ashley Kollakowski (Belgrave Music Hall, Headrow House, Whitelocks, Turks Head) moved to Leeds over two decades ago. Since then he has seen the city grow and places come and go.

Street Chic in Leeds

29th March 2017

Independent Leeds takes at look at street chic in Leeds and the different clothing stereotypes of people in our city.

Leeds Eye View: Abbey and Sid

28th March 2017

Abbey Aaron and her dog Sid take a photo tour around Leeds to meet other dogs with their humans.

Hallowed footsteps in Leeds

27th March 2017

“It’s a wasteland this street, a product of misdirected investment that’s seen real issues neglected / Because just round corner, cranes whir. Concrete crashes. One man’s voice shouts directions to the masses”

With These Hands in Leeds

26th March 2017

Andy Keir is a furniture maker and installation artist whose designs have been increasingly evident across some of Leeds’ coolest joints. Here, he walks us through some of his stylish trademark interiors made with these hands…

Corinne Bailey Rae’s love of Leeds

25th March 2017

Singer Corinne Bailey Rae was born and grew up in Leeds before becoming a world acclaimed musician. On release of her new album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, she returned to her home city to play at Leeds Town Hall and told Independent Leeds what Leeds means to Corinne Bailey Rae.

Digger’s Island Discs: Robbie Russell

24th March 2017

Digger’s Island Discs explores the collections of Leeds’ most prolific vinyl slingers and groove bringers to present us with the records they could not live without…

A look back: Leeds international film festival

23rd March 2017

When it comes to culture, in Leeds we’re spoilt for choice. Every week there are hundreds of unique events to choose from. With several cinemas in the city, there should be a huge range of options to watch films too. So why are so many ad hoc film clubs and community cinemas popping up all over town?

Faith in Leeds

22nd March 2017

Independent Leeds highlights the importance on faith in Leeds by showcasing the Sikh Temple and offering an insight into the culture in our city.

Leeds’ fashion on the concrete catwalk

21st March 2017

Fashion in Leeds, just like anywhere, is one big cycle. One day you’re the cock of the walk, the next, you’re a feather duster. One day you’re riding high on the crest of a wave, the next, you’re sinking down into the depths of despair.

With These Hands in Leeds

20th March 2017

Independent Leeds talks to creatives located in Leeds and Yorkshire, and they show us what special things they can make with their hands…

Feeding my Habit

19th March 2017

I tend to attract two responses when I tell people that I’m a full-time poet. At first, folk are baffled that poetry can exclusively provide enough income to survive. And they say something like, “that’s the easiest job in the world”, or “well that’s hardly work, is it?”

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