Don’t forget your passport! A LIF 2018 recap..

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Words and Photos: Mahsa (@foodforgirl) _________________________________________________________________________________ Leeds Indie Food is a recent annual city showcase that arrived with an ambitious…

Hello Ilkley! 12 reasons to head to the spa town…

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 1. Ilkley Jazz Festival Starting out as one part of the Ilkley Summer Festival, Ilkley Jazz Festival is now its…

A little business can go a long way…

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The Domino, an underground speakeasy jazz bar which is located in Grand Arcade, has just been named as one of…

With These Hands: potyertitsawayluv

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Words: Emma Low (@potyertitsawayluv) _________________________________________________________________________________ I’m Emma, a recently turned 28-year-old, originally from Edinburgh. Since then I’ve been a bit…

Feeling lucky with Lucky Number 7

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_________________________________________________________________________________ Lucky Number 7 is an Irish American beer bar that has just opened on the beloved Merrion Street. The…

A Candlelight at the end of the cottage

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Childhood cancer is a topic that few of us can comfortably discuss, but for families with a diagnosis, the isolation takes on a whole new meaning. Children may stand a significantly greater chance of recovery, but alleviating the emotional and financial repercussions of treatment, with little to no external support, is a burden itself.

Issue 13 – Suffragette City

Sometimes it can take a lifetime to create positive change. Often it can take another to affirm it. Now here we are, a hundred years on from a famously significant step, and we’ve still not made it. Gender equality, to state the bleeding’ obvious, hasn’t happened. But once again, the good people are standing up, and continually, the world will progress; towards fairness and towards inclusivity. So, in this issue, we celebrate the vital contribution contribution of women in Leeds, from a heroic past, through an essential present, to a hopeful future.

Spark to a flame

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Friday the 4th May saw the magical opening of Spark – the (new) York we have all been waiting for. Spark is an independent social hub which has been constructed with shipping containers. Their aim is to be a place of diversity, with a huge variety of vendors offering something different: from food and drink, to homeware and clothing.

Comic Bubbles

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Words: Bess Martin _________________________________________________________________________________ Thought Bubble is the biggest convention in the UK that is dedicated solely to comic art…

5 Live At Leeds performances that blurred the lines of musical genres

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Live At Leeds truly was a huge melting pot of pretty much every genre you could ever want to listen to. The variety of artists was huge. From headline act The Vaccines, who are straightforward indie/rock, to local Leeds band Snicklefritz, who don’t even give their music a genre, the festival had the extremes as well as everything in between.

Live at Leeds 2018: A recap

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Words: John Barran Header image: Steven Haddock _________________________________________________________________________________ There are many ways one could choose to spend a sunny Saturday morning of a…

A little bit of class with Roland’s

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For those who don’t know about Roland’s, you need to know. Roland’s is a suave little bar on Call Lane…

God’s Own Pantry: Nell’s Urban Greens

Words & Photos: Amy Wright _________________________________________________________________________________ In the winter of 2017 I sat under a blanket on my sofa dreaming…

Wetherby: a place full of charity, coffee and cake

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Words: Izzy Sieveking ______________________________________________________________________________________ You only have to pick up a copy of our magazine to be met with countless…

For the Love of Leeds: Rich Wells

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Words: Rich Wells (@richwellstattoos) Photos: Tom Tornegard (@ttornegard) ______________________________________________________________________________________ I’ve lived in Leeds all my life. Like a 30 year…

Student activities this Spring that won’t tire you out!

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The Easter break is a highly anticipated time for students, and one we hope you enjoyed like a child again (chocolate and all). If you are now back in Leeds, exercise perhaps isn’t your first choice for entertainment against the city’s numerous bars and beer gardens, or considered timely if you are facing deadlines and revision.

Taste Hunter: Polski

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Illustration: Marta Jaskot (@marta.jaskot.illustration) ______________________________________________________________________________________ In the days before the ‘Polski Sklep’ and the ‘Polish’ section in Morrisons, our family…

Live at Leeds: 18 in ’18

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Photos: Live At Leeds   206 acts on 22 stages in 12 hours. How to choose who to see? Well,…