5 activities you can do in Leeds during the Easter Holidays

As joyous as stuffing your face with chocolate all Easter holidays may sound, it’s not entirely a productive way to spend your time off. If you’re wanting to get and do things but you’re not sure what, then we are here to help you out. We’ve chosen 5 activities in Leeds that you can do during your Easter holidays.

  1. 1) Visit an Art Gallery

Leeds is home to some amazing art and culture, and one of the best things is that the majority of them are free. So if you’re a skint student or are wanting a low cost family day out, then this is one for you.

There are numerous places you can visit to fulfill your art needs in the city centre and beyond, the places you can visit are: Leeds Art Gallery, Henry Moore Institute, Craft Centre and Design Gallery, The Tetley and the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, just to name a few!



2) Get Sporty!

When we say get sporty, we don’t mean going to the gym or playing a game of rugby – there are actually a lot of fun sport activities in Leeds for you to participate in.

If you’re in the full Spring mode and feeling brave you could try swimming in Ilkley Lido, or if you want to prove you’re tough, gather your mates together and go paintballing at Battlefield Leeds.

There is also Meanwood Valley Trail is a beautiful 7 mile long trail in the woods, so if you are a fan of the outdoors you could spend your day there walking and cycling. There are also other outdoor activities such as abseiling at West Leeds Outdoor Centre or even clay pigeon shooting in Otley with The Big Shoot for you take part in.

If the thought of outdoor exercise is enough to make you shudder, there is also The Climbing Lab in Kirkstall, which is an amazing indoor climbing wall if you’re a fan of heights. Or if instead you prefer trampolining there is Oxygen Free Jumping and Jump Arena for you to get your bounce on!



3) See some animals

There’s nothing we love more than animals, so what better way to spend your day than going to see some? There are lots of places in Leeds to visit with live animals, such as Tropical World in Roundhay Park. Tropical World, as the name suggests, is home to a huge variety of tropical animals, ranging from crocodiles, to meerkats, to exotic birds – there’s loads to see!

If you want to see less tropical and more home soil animals, there are a variety of varms spread across Leeds that you can visit. There is Home Farm at Temple Newsam, Meanwood Valley Farm (in you guessed it, Meanwood) and Swithens Farm in Rothwell. These all are home to pigs, cows, sheep and a variety of other farm animals you can choose to pet if you’d like.



4) Learn some history

The Easter holidays are a great time to educate yourself on some history, which Leeds can help you out with.

We are home to history museums such as The Royal Armouries, Leeds Discovery Centre, Leeds City Museum, Thackary Medical Museum, Abbey House Museum and Leeds Industrial Museum as well as historical landmarks such as Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Cathedral.

So if you want to learn about the history of the people of Leeds or about the history of Leeds, check out these places to help boost your knowledge.



5) Have fun!

The most important activity you can do is have fun. It’s not often you get this time off either to spend on yourself or with your family, so enjoy it. If you want to go somewhere to have some good old fashioned fun, then here’s some ideas for you…

  • Bowling at Roxy Lanes
  • Laser tag as Laser Zone
  • Go karting at TeamSport Go Karting
  • Pottery making at Jack Rabbits Pottery
  • Film watching at Everyman Cinema
  • Room escaping at Locked In Games, Tick Tock Unlock and The Great Escape Game
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