Holly Blakey brings Some Greater Class to the Riley Theatre

There’s no denying the lasting impact a music video can have on the senses. Hypnotic, beautiful, and often provocative visuals, combined with carefully constructed hooks or pulsing beats can stay with us well beyond the 3 minute format.

What would happen if a music video extended past the screen and these 3 minutes, and entered ‘real life’?  Holly Blakey is an artist and choreographer whose latest work, Some Greater Class, explores just that. Best known for her work with Florence and the Machine, Dior and Gucci – Holly is fast establishing herself amongst the most successful and progressive figures in art and performance.

Some Greater Class aims to reframe the language of the pop video in the context of a live theatre experience, and is here in Leeds for one night only at Northern School of Contemporary Dance’s Riley Theatre on Thursday 19th of October.

Eight dancers bring the work to life through compelling and complex choreography. This, in combination with music from acclaimed artists Gwilym Gold and Darkstar gives the vibe of a gig – present, raw and sweaty.

This unique live performance focuses on the process of viewing and being viewed. For the audience, seeing this live means they can’t switch channels -they find the performers looking right back and connecting with them. They are no longer simply objects of desire behind a screen, but active participants in the exchange.

Talking about Some Greater Class, Holly Blakey said: “I wanted to explore how audiences react to images and movements that are instantly recognisable from mass culture – from advertising and music videos we consume all the time. I wanted to subvert that viewing process and make the audience experience the moment live.”

Some Greater Class has been presented in Berlin and in London and now brings its ideas to our city of Leeds. Grab your ticket for £10 here