A Love for Istanbul with Leeds Drum Centre

Usually when you hear the word “Istanbul” you think of the city – but in Leeds when you hear it, you should be thinking of the Istanbul Agop cymbals on sale at Leeds Drum Centre… 

The cymbals, which are used on the drum kits at Leeds College of Music, are handmade in Turkey and are of extremely high quality due to the precision and care gone in to making them. The Istanbul range available at the shop has a huge variety of styles and sizes that are fit to suit you and your drum needs – and the guys at the Drum Centre will help sort you out! 

The guys have a real passion for what they do, as the Drum Centre is a shop that was created by drummers, for drummers. They pride them self on being the only instrument shop in Leeds that sells these amazing cymbals, which come highly recommended by Leeds College of Music, as they are their favourites. The products sold at the Drum Centre are of the highest quality because with years of drumming experience, the owner Stephen really knows his stuff. 

The brilliance of the shop is that they give you the opportunity to try before you buy as they have a drum kit set up in store. If you’re debating if the Istanbul cymbals are for you – head on down, pick up some sticks and give them a whack of before you buy – you never know if you don’t try! 

So, whether you’re a music student wanting some gear that your college recommends, a beginner drummer looking for some new cymbals, or even just a drum lover who wants a new style – head on down to Leeds Drum Centre based on the third floor in the cosy Corn Exchange – and find what is right for you!