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Junkyard Golf Club: where crazy is the norm

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Have you ever wandered around Leeds City Centre, felt reminiscent of your childhood and thought about how much you wanted…

A little business can go a long way…

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The Domino, an underground speakeasy jazz bar which is located in Grand Arcade, has just been named as one of…

5 Live At Leeds performances that blurred the lines of musical genres

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Live At Leeds truly was a huge melting pot of pretty much every genre you could ever want to listen to. The variety of artists was huge. From headline act The Vaccines, who are straightforward indie/rock, to local Leeds band Snicklefritz, who don’t even give their music a genre, the festival had the extremes as well as everything in between.

Live at Leeds 2018: A recap

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Words: John Barran Header image: Steven Haddock _________________________________________________________________________________ There are many ways one could choose to spend a sunny Saturday morning of a…

Live at Leeds: 18 in ’18

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Photos: Live At Leeds   206 acts on 22 stages in 12 hours. How to choose who to see? Well,…

a Remedy for jazz, food and life in Leeds

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Nestled among a string of bars and takeaways on New Briggate, sits Remedy; an oasis of jazz, liquor and well-kempt facial hair. Signified primarily by the dancing of candlelight through the steamed-up windows, the facade of Remedy possesses a certain discreteness, reminiscent of a speakeasy and far removed from the city centre bars, where the roar of Friday night drinkers can be heard with each swinging door.

Fight for your right to party!

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In recent decades, the fight for sexual equality has been gradually making significant progress, thanks to people standing up and demanding change. Whilst many battles have been won, much more can be done.

Come As You Are – John Keenan & Dave Baguley

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Two old friends. Two legends of the Leeds music scene. Promoter John Keenan and the co-owner of Northern Guitars, Dave Baguley, invite us to reminisce with them in an intimate interview for our Come As You Are series.

How do you jump the queue at The Domino using just a domino?

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Have you ever walked past Grand Arcade on a weekend night and thought to yourself “why are people queuing up…

A love for whisky at The Domino

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Leeds (and the North as a whole) is renowned for its love of alcohol, and we know there’s no hiding it – we wear it like a badge of honour.

Jumbo Recommends: Music events in February

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Our lovely friends at Jumbo Records have chosen some amazing music gigs for you to check out this February –…

5 things to do for your New Years Resolution

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There is a negative stigma attached to New Years resolutions, but there needn’t be. There seems to be a lot…

How whiskey can help The Domino get from Leeds to New York…

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Jo Last of The Domino Club Leeds is somewhat of a cocktail connoisseur, which she has proven by reaching the…

5 Halloween happenings in Leeds for you to get your creep on!

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There’s a lot of spooky happenings going on in Leeds this Halloween weekend and beyond, so we’ve narrowed down a…

Holy Mountain! There’s a new Mexican in Leeds..

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The Holy Mountain is a three-month residency taking place at Chida Cantina on Cross Belgrave Street. This is a place for coeliacs, carnivores and vegans to unite, as the menu showcases meat full, meat free and gluten free options – meaning you can bring any Tom, Dick and Harry for some good food and some good vibes. 

A Love for Istanbul with Leeds Drum Centre

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Usually when you hear the word “Istanbul” you think of the city – but in Leeds when you hear it, you should be thinking of the Istanbul Agop cymbals on sale at Leeds Drum Centre… 

A family affair

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Cleve Freckleton is Leeds street soul musician Reverend Chunky and father of Marcus Freckleton. Marcus Freckleton is Leeds street grime musician Dialect and son of Cleve Freckleton.

For the love of Leeds

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Ashley Kollakowski (Belgrave Music Hall, Headrow House, Whitelocks, Turks Head) moved to Leeds over two decades ago. Since then he has seen the city grow and places come and go.