Ghost Hunt @ Temple Newsam

Date and time
Sun 10 September 2017
20:15 - 2:15



This 500 year old building has been dubbed ‘The Hampton Court of the North’ – it’s stunning, it’s huge, it’s historical and yes it’s haunted!

Did anyone watch the BBC adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell? This was filmed down in the cellar area and some of the props are still down there. During investigations, they stopped people going down into the cellar area, however, we have been granted access if we agreed to small groups going down there (we do this anyway so this wasn’t a problem). This building is hardly ever investigated and hasn’t been done for a while.

During the day the house has a lovely friendly atmosphere, even though you have the feeling you are being watched and followed as you are walking round – by night the house takes on a totally different feel. You still feel like you are being watched but on a whole different level – it’s like the spirits of Temple Newsam are right on you, wanting to talk to you tell you who they are and what their story is.

The guides who work at Temple Newsam regularly have things happen to them – one of them likes to put her headphones on whilst she is preparing the house in the morning so she can ignore the activity around her.

Temple Newsam is a Tudor-Jacobean mansion situated on the fringes of Leeds. The house is set in 1500 acres of parkland so therefore there will be minimal noise and light pollution. In Temple Newsam’s 500 year history there have been many different events happen here with many interesting visitors to the house.

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