Moments Coffee

Moments is a independent café/bistro located in Leeds city centre and is a short walk from the train station. Moments has been breaking your regular café image for nearly three years now: You won’t find any typical bacon or sausage butties here – instead you will fall in love with our home-made fruity brown sauce complimenting traditional BLT sandwich, twist on English breakfast with farm sourced Toulouse sausages, home-made bacon beans and much more on cooked in order menu for breakfast and lunch.

Moments is spacious, with plenty of comfortable seating and large windows presenting a lofty and airy space. They make delicious coffee, fresh lemon, honey & ginger tea that is made in house and plenty of house baked cakes to choose from.
Calling all those selective eaters, Moments café is offering beautifully cooked breakfasts every day and seasonal lunch specials that starts from 12 pm and they have home-made soups, salads and a freshly prepared range of sandwiches , burgers and hearty pasta dishes on their menu. The place makes a great spot for friend meetings, family lunches and all tasty experiences. Not to mention they serve best breakfast in town!

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