Issue 11 – Eat, Drink and Be Merry

It’s that time of year again: clocks have gone backwards as winter moves forwards; as sunshine draws inwards, stomachs grow outwards. For in these dark days and darker nights, we can always comfort ourselves with food glorious food and celebrate together with drink wondrous drink.

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The Queens of Industry at Leeds Industrial Museum

Categories: Entertainment & Culture

Today, we are used to seeing strong females – since the rise of girl power and an undying amount of…

5 Halloween happenings in Leeds for you to get your creep on!

Categories: Entertainment & Culture, Music & Nightlife

There’s a lot of spooky happenings going on in Leeds this Halloween weekend and beyond, so we’ve narrowed down a…

Holly Blakey brings Some Greater Class to the Riley Theatre

Categories: Entertainment & Culture

There’s no denying the lasting impact a music video can have on the senses. Hypnotic, beautiful, and often provocative visuals, combined with carefully constructed hooks or pulsing beats can stay with us well beyond the 3 minute format.

Home is not always where the heart is with Emmaus Leeds

Categories: Entertainment & Culture

It is evident that there has been an unfortunate rise in homelessness over the past few years, with this year (2017) marking the sixth year of the rise in rough sleepers. It is devastating to envision people living without a home, especially through no doing of their own, and is an issue we need to help tackle and fast. 

Love Food, Give Food: Action Against Hunger in Leeds

Categories: Entertainment & Culture, Food & Drink

In Leeds, we celebrate the growing community that we have and respect the support that we have for one another – whether it be a business, a movement in the community or even a charity. We join together and help each other out, which is something that makes our city so unique.

FINE at fettle: the café that changes from day to night

Categories: Food & Drink

If you don’t know about fettle, then you are missing out. The Scandinavian inspired café which is nestled on the beautiful Great George Street, is the love child of Kamil and Simon – who wanted to create a café that has an essence that completely reflects them. 

Leeds Communities: Sweet Home Armley

Categories: Entertainment & Culture

Armley Town Street has seen a decline in local and independent shops and a rise in Booze Bins and Bookies. There are visible problems associated with drugs and alcohol. These issues can’t be ignored, but Armley should not be defined by them.

Little Leeds Library: A Garden In Your Pocket

Categories: Entertainment & Culture

There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘a book is a garden in your pocket’. It is also, I have recently discovered, a way of tying invisible threads between a community.

Holy Mountain! There’s a new Mexican in Leeds..

Categories: Food & Drink, Music & Nightlife

The Holy Mountain is a three-month residency taking place at Chida Cantina on Cross Belgrave Street. This is a place for coeliacs, carnivores and vegans to unite, as the menu showcases meat full, meat free and gluten free options – meaning you can bring any Tom, Dick and Harry for some good food and some good vibes. 

A Love for Istanbul with Leeds Drum Centre

Categories: Music & Nightlife, Shopping & Lifestyle

Usually when you hear the word “Istanbul” you think of the city – but in Leeds when you hear it, you should be thinking of the Istanbul Agop cymbals on sale at Leeds Drum Centre… 

From Naples to Leeds: The Story of Frizza

Categories: Food & Drink

It is hard to resist pizza, whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a dedicated lifestyle choice – we love it. But the gang at Frizza have brought a pizza concept to Leeds that is sure to be like nothing you have tasted before, pizza in the form of deep fried dough…

7 Cheap Eats for Lunch in Leeds

Categories: Food & Drink

From Indian meals for a fiver to two courses at £6.95 in a Thai Restaurant, our city centre offers a wide range of reasonably priced options for midday dining and all under £10.

Hungry for More: Leeds Independent Food Scene (part 2)

Categories: Food & Drink

It goes without saying that nobody else knows the independent food and drink scene like those that run it, so we spoke to some of your favourite independents to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what they think about it…

Hungry for More: Leeds Independent Food Scene (part 1)

Categories: Food & Drink

When you think of Leeds, you find yourself immersed in a sea of different thoughts about what makes our city so brilliant. We are home to amazing culture, an ever-expanding sense of community and a great scene for independent businesses – especially when it comes to food and drink.

5 places in Leeds you can go to celebrate National Cheese Week

Categories: Food & Drink

We are now in the midst of national cheese week – a national week we can actually get on board with, as who doesn’t love cheese?

Cheers Leeds! – Leeds International Beer Festival 2017

Categories: Food & Drink

The talk of beer makes your mind wander onto the beauty of the drink scene in Leeds, and the iconic events that are held to rejoice in our love for all things beer! The weekend just gone marks the 6th annual Leeds International Beer Festival – which the thought of waiting another year is probably enough to bring a tear to the eyes of some people.

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Brunswick!

Categories: Food & Drink

The gang at The Brunswick are hosting a birthday bash on Saturday to celebrate two years since their doors first opened.