Hungry for More: Leeds Independent Food Scene (part 2)

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It goes without saying that nobody else knows the independent food and drink scene like those that run it, so we spoke to some of your favourite independents to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what they think about it…

Hungry for More: Leeds Independent Food Scene (part 1)

Categories: Food & Drink

When you think of Leeds, you find yourself immersed in a sea of different thoughts about what makes our city so brilliant. We are home to amazing culture, an ever-expanding sense of community and a great scene for independent businesses – especially when it comes to food and drink.

5 places in Leeds you can go to celebrate National Cheese Week

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Words: Lauren Hockney Cheese glorious cheese!   We are now in the midst of national cheese week – a national week…

Cheers Leeds! – Leeds International Beer Festival 2017

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The talk of beer makes your mind wander onto the beauty of the drink scene in Leeds, and the iconic events that are held to rejoice in our love for all things beer! The weekend just gone marks the 6th annual Leeds International Beer Festival – which the thought of waiting another year is probably enough to bring a tear to the eyes of some people.

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Brunswick!

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The gang at The Brunswick are hosting a birthday bash on Saturday to celebrate two years since their doors first opened. 

There’s no place like Home

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For some people, when they think of fine dining they are often filled with dread at the thought of an intimidating atmosphere and a room full of swanky people – however, not at Home. The team have worked hard to make fine dining appear less pretentious and provide you with an environment that feels exactly like their name… like home.

Happy 50th Birthday to the Leeds West Indian Carnival!

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They say that some things get better with age, which is definitely the case for The Leeds West Indian Carnival. Yesterday, the people of Leeds saw an explosion of colour on the streets in celebration of its 50th year in the running.

Return of the Bike: Leeds Motorcycle Social 2017

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he dust has settled. The passing of hundreds of bikes kicked it into the air above Canal Mills, where it mixed with the fragrance of spicy food and the metallic tang of fresh exhaust fumes, and was held there by an updraft of voices, laughter and music throughout the weekend.

Summer of Love for Iberica’s Paella

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Iberica once again brings us a flavour of traditional Spanish cuisine… but this time in the form of their new paella dishes, which showcase the true taste of Spain – or Valencia to be specific.

5 activities in Leeds to keep you in shape for the end of summer and beyond

You know the feeling, you set a goal in January for a “summer body” and it gets to the beginning of August and you just think about giving up? Yeah, we have all been there, but the key is not to give up. You got it?

Leeds Parties with Pride

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Every year, Leeds Pride just seems to be getting bigger and better. 2017 is home to a generation with the knowledge and acceptance of everyone, which makes for perfect participations in this celebration of love, unity, diversity and togetherness, and what a treat it was.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal: Life In The Slow Lane

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In places, the Leeds and Liverpool canal is stunning. For artists, introverts or people who just want to get away for a while, it’s like nowhere else. You can choose to be in the thick of it, or to float ambient in parts where mobile phone signal hasn’t yet been discovered.

Write what you know

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“Next time I’m in London, we should definitely meet up.” Awkward pause on my end. Then, I blurt out the horrific, earth shattering truth.  The audible gasp from them. Then the inevitable: “Wait…What…you live in LEEDS?”

Leeds West Indian Carnival: a mad idea that work

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Despite the explosion of colour, music and pageantry, the Leeds West Indian Carnival started from fairly humble beginnings. In 1967, the idea formed from a group of West Indian Students studying at the University of Leeds, who decided they would channel their homesickness into something special. They would celebrate all that made their culture so vibrant, but bring it whirling and screaming to their new stomping ground in Yorkshire.

Leeds Street Style: Sneaker Heads

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When you think of street style, Leeds springs to mind as being a front runner due to its urban nature and quirky characteristics, which is reflected by city residents in their attire – well, with their footwear in particular. What we have found is that no matter the gender, style or age, Leeds is full of absolute Sneaker Heads.

5 places to visit in Leeds this Yorkshire Day

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Ey up! Even though most of us celebrate being from the best county in the UK every day of the year, Tuesday the 1st August marks the official Yorkshire Day. To celebrate the day in proper Yorkshire style, we have rounded up some places in Leeds city with events to get you in the Yorkshire spirit!

Leeds loves Unity: Hyde Park Unity Day

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As another year goes on, we are blessed with another Unity Day at Hyde Park. Our friend Nigel (@unevenedits) headed along to capture some sweet moments for us from the much-loved festival that took place on 22nd July.

Leeds Kirkgate Market Moments

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Leeds Kirkgate Market is definitely one of the most interesting and diverse places to visit in our city. A place you can visit and gain a different insight each time you go. Our friends @leyla.rose and @luuuluuuk have captured some of their favourite market moments, just for your viewing pleasure.