Actor: A letter of response

You may have heard about Actor – alias of Louisa Osborn, collaborating producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson, all formally of much loved Leeds band The Witch Hunt.

Actor’s sound is murky, alternative and progressive. They are producing their own brand of good pop music, for a generation lost in a sea of laziness and mediocrity that swamps the charts. The drums are intense and tribal, perfectly pitted behind Louisa’s ethereal and at the same time howling vocals. The clean, sophisticated production sets a moody and caustic atmosphere. Art-pop perfection.

We recently put some questions to the band in order to get an insight into what makes them “tick”. We asked them about their influences in music and film and what inspires the band most. Louisa came back to us in whimsical fashion with this lovely handwritten note, a letter in response.

The bands influences are eclectic but once you’ve listened to Actor, they all make perfect sense. As well does the strong presence of talented female artists, who have shaped and are continuing to shape music, with individuality and flare. When listening to the band, one comparison that came to my mind was Bat For Lashes. Musically and in terms of drama and performance.

Louisa’s focus on the importance of film and photography in their influences could perhaps have been guessed at from the band name but with their music being so atmospheric and visceral, there is a clear connection. The drums in the song feline, drive forward with hurried momentum. Whereas the song, Swim has moments of calm that are considered, focused and cautious, with perfectly placed synths, that build to crescendo and cut through the tension.

Actor aren’t just another band writing catchy pop. They intellectualise their music, pulling influence from a variety of artistic mediums with a focus on the beautiful and the theatrical, crafting something that embodies their creative vision.

Give your ears a little treat and listen to Actor below.

Words by Steph Pullen

Photography: John Slemensek


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