Bringing the godfather of Balearic Beats back to Leeds

Coffee shop by day and bar by evening, Outlaws Yacht Club are known for bringing the city a whole host of events; regularly turning their space on New York Street into a platform for artists, a backdrop for Chinwag events and a vessel in which to enjoy some of the best DJ’s.

Joe Gill, founder of Outlaws, shares his passion for their latest event, and how he came about bringing the godfather of Balearic beats, Leo Mas back to Leeds.

Leo Mass, Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds

If you asked me for a definition of ‘Balearic’ music and culture I would point you in the direction of the maestro Leo Mas.

Let’s go back…It’s Summer 1987 and the Italian DJ is building the night slowly with a freestyle mix at the open air club Amnesia on the island of Ibiza, a group of Brits on holiday including Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Nancy Noise, on hearing this mix of music and energy were inspired, exporting this musical cross-pollination back to the UK.
It was an encounter with Alfredo while on holiday himself in Ibiza in 1984 that led to the pair becoming friends and discovering a shared love of music. Leo joined Alfredo as resident from 1985 through to 1988, playing across the boards- new wave, pop b sides, funky afro & jazzy sounds to a hedonistic mix of European royalty, pop stars, drug dealers and hippies. Leo’s mixes and track-listings from his warm up and closing sets during that period are my definition of Balearic Beat. And of course dancing in the open air with some super freaks help…

Thought Bubble Festival, Leeds, Thor

Skip forward to Sept 2013 and we found ourselves celebrating the first birthday of Outlaws with Leo Mas at the helm. The party at the bar and the after-party in the short lived Kitchen Club quickly became stuff of legends around these parts (the live recording can be heard here).

After DJing at this year’s Electric Elephant Festival in Croatia I decided to catch the ferry over to Italy and travel across the country on the train, stopping off in Milan for a few nights allowed for a catch up with Leo. Reminiscing about Outlaws 1st birthday and the after-party it became clear that it had a special place in our hearts and a plan was hatched to do it again…

Starting with a two hour special with Leo on the Leeds based online radio station KMAH, the party will head over to Outlaws at 6pm on Saturday 28th November. Things will then move to Studio 24 for the after-party which will see us through till 5am. If you attended our Light Night tribute to the Mirror Ball with Albion & Ruf Dug then you’ll know what a special venue this art gallery/ warehouse space is.

Thought Bubble Festival, Leeds, Thor

Located in the creative hub of Mabgate, this venue could easily be found in Berlin or downtown New York and once again you can expect a top quality sound system and the venue to be transformed with visuals from local artist Bokehgo, and art installations from Jaime Laurel Slater & Rachel Rea.We’re on a mission to put ‘art’ back into ‘party’.

Tickets for the after-party can be bought from here or from behind the bar in Outlaws. £8 in advance £10 on the door.

Iberica La Bodega