5 places in Leeds you can go to celebrate National Cheese Week

Cheese glorious cheese!  

We are now in the midst of national cheese week – a national week we can actually get on board with, as who doesn’t love cheese? We have rustled up some of the best places to go in Leeds to get your cheesy fix, and celebrate the occasion good and proper! 

Is a cheese coma a valid enough excuse to get a day off work? Asking for a friend… 


1) Pintura 

Pintura have been a host to a variety of cheese based happenings all week. The Spanish restaurant have hosted a wine and cheese evening, as well as catering the specials menu to give you some cheese based goodness all week! With small pintxo’s dishes consisting of ham and cheese croquettes and cheesy asparagus soup, to tapas sized dishes of cheesy risotto. Then to top it all off there is a cheese board for the finale. Who said you can have too much cheese?  



2) Friends of Ham/Ham & Friends 

If you’re a fan of specialty cheese, Friends of Ham is the place for you. Although they serve cheese all year round, it would be rude not to visit during national cheese week. Serramunt Blu, Brie de Meaux, Barwheys, Old Winchester, Capra Nouveau… the list just goes on. The gang also rustle up an absolutely amazing Raclette which you can try! They know their cheese, so you definitely won’t be disappointed… 


3) Black Mouse 

If city centre is not your thing, why not venture out a little into the suburbs for your cheese fix? Black Mouse is a wine and cheese emporium that is located in Pudsey. They pride on offering you the finest artisan cheeses from around the UK, with a selection of wine to compliment said cheeses. So, what are you waiting for? Head to one of their wine and cheese evenings – or just pop in to stock up on some fine cheeses! 


4) George & Joseph 

“Are there any specialist cheesemongers in Leeds?” I hear you say… Well the answer is yes, yes there is! George and Joseph, located in Chapel Allerton, stock the finest locally produced cheese – as well as a selection of the best cheeses from the UK. Pop in today and grab some high-quality cheese if you want to celebrate national cheese week in the comfort of your own home! 


5) Cheese Fest 

If you want to make a day (or even a weekend) of it, then Cheese Fest is the place you need to be! The festival, which is coming to Canal Mills for its first appearance in Leeds, promises to let you experience some of the cheesiest cheeses in the world – also with some new twists on your old favourites. Halloumi fries, mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese – you name it! Head down to Canal Mills this weekend from 10am-6pm to celebrate cheese week in style.