Faces of the Places

Faces of the Places is a photographic project by Tom Horton of West Yorkshire Cameras.

“Faces of the Places celebrates the people fronting independent businesses around Leeds. As a small business owner myself I started this project to showcase others in a similar position as myself. Whether they are owners or staff members, I aim for this to be a celebration of the people behind the places that make this city what it is.”

Below we document just a snippet of his ongoing project.

Davide - Blind Tyger, Leeds, Independent
Davide - Blind Tyger
Tom - Traditional Shaving Company, Leeds, Independent
Tom - Traditional Shaving Company
David - Cafe Columbiana, Leeds, Independent
David - Cafe Columbiana
Lisa - Ultimate Skin, Leeds, Independent
Lisa - Ultimate Skin
Kay - Roots and Fruits, Leeds, independent
Kay - Roots and Fruits
Tony - Culture Vulture, Leeds, Corn exchange, Independent
Tony - Culture Vulture
Kate - Fresco, Leeds, Corn Exchange, Independent
Kate - Fresco
Stephen - Leeds Drum Centre, Independent, Leeds, Corn Exchange
Stephen - Leeds Drum Centre
Jules - Portare, Independent, Leeds, Corn exchange
Jules - Portare
Ruth - Red Tattoo, Leeds, Corn Exchange, Independent
Ruth - Red Tattoo
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