FRAMED Art Trail: Niza Nyimbili at Northern Monk

Working across a variety of mediums, talented young artists have been paired up across the city’s independents to create, FRAMED, a week long art trail in window displays around the city centre.

With the help of Independent Leeds, Somewhereto_  have paired photographers, illustrators, mix media artists with 19 independent businesses across Leeds ( which can be seen in the map below) to create a unique commission to be proudly displayed throughout the duration of FRAMED (6th -13th Dec).

We’ve already taken a closer look at Bobbi and Sanah, whose work can be seen in On the Wall and Bundobust, now it’s the turn of Niza Nyimbili, whose portraits are gracing Northern Monk’s walls.

FRAMED, Somewhereto_, Leeds, Art Trail, Independent Leeds

Nyiza Nyimbili, 21 

How would you describe your style?

Mixed media is probably the best place to start. My work firstly is never bounded by a style or medium, though I now focus on portraiture, this is because I feel it allows me to express myself and convey my ideas best. Because of this I’m always looking into and learning new styles and techniques to increase my skillset and allow myself to convey my ideas better.

What is your background in Illustration and fine art?

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting and this has been an interest of mine from a very young age. I first new I wanted to be an artist/ study it when I was 11 and looked up to one of my class mates who was a very good artist. I studied Fine Art as a GCSE and A Level and through this I learned most of my skills. Since then I branched out learning tools like Photoshop and teaching myself photography. I would class most of my work as Fine Art although I do have some varying pieces in different styles/ mediums.

FRAMED, Somewhereto_, Leeds, Art Trail, Independent Leeds

What are your inspirations?

My inspirations are firstly my experiences and what goes on around me but I’m always looking to other artists for ideas, collaboration and advice. I have a deep interest in music and other arts, such as acting, dance, film, animation and photography which I also take inspiration from.

What was it about the project which drew you to it?

The idea of working with a client with completely different ideas, briefs and specification was the biggest thing that drew me in.

FRAMED, Somewhereto_, Leeds, Art Trail, Independent Leeds

Are you excited to be working with Northern Monk?

I’m definitely looking forward to what we can do together, I’m a big fan of collaboration and really enjoy the process.

What should people coming to view your work expect?

So far they should expect something new, unusual and be open to a bit of craziness and colour.

What do you hope to get out of the project?

Hopefully I can work with Northern Monk again, and help my business to grow through this, and allow me to get some commissions/work with others in future.

See more of Niza’s work here.

You can see all the of the artists and venues involved in FRAMED on the map below an on our free Radius City Discovery App.


FRAMED, Somewhereto_, Leeds, Art Trail, Independent Leeds
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