FRAMED: Pairing young artists with independents

We’re extremely excited to be collaborating with somewhereto_ to bring Leeds city centre FRAMED, an art trail across some of the city’s favourite independents between December 6th – 13th.


Funded by Big Lottery, somewhereto_ works to unlock free space for 16-25 year olds to realise their ideas and approached Independent Leeds to help with one of their most successful projects, FRAMED.


Working across a variety of mediums, talented young artists have been paired up across the city’s independents to create a week long art trail in window displays around the city centre.

With the help of Independent Leeds, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and even Henna artists have been paired with 19 independent businesses across Leeds ( which can be seen in the map below) to create a unique commission to be proudly displayed throughout the duration of FRAMED.

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We caught up with two of the young artists currently creating their commissions, to see what we should expect from their windows.

Bobbi Gastall, 24

Paired independent: On The Wall

What’s your background in Illustration?

I’ve always been an obsessive doodler, so when it came to making choices as to what I would study at school, it was a no-brainer.

I went on to study Textile Design at the University of Leeds, where I developed my illustrative style and learnt to use the Adobe Creative Suite, which has been a huge asset to me since graduating two years ago.

Since then I’ve been working as Graphic Designer for theatre production and now for an email marketing company, as well as pursuing all the freelance work I can get my hands on.  All the while, continuing to practice my illustration and appearing at art fairs and creating ‘live art’ at every opportunity.

Bobbi Gastall, Live Art, Leeds, somewhereto_, FRAMED, independent businesses, art trail
Bobbi Gastall

How would you describe your style?

In a word, swooshy. I like to encapsulate freedom within my drawing style, because growing up shows me (on a daily basis) that I actually have very little of that, so I like to be as free as possible when it comes to my art and illustration style. I do also make more controlled work, such as portraits and often for commissions, but if it were up to me we’d all look like a Picasso painting and be made up of loosey goosey, black ink lines.

What are your inspirations?

Everything! I couldn’t narrow it down because I will draw literally anything.  I do however, particularly like to illustrate people, dogs, nature, patterns and certain anatomical parts, often deemed inappropriate.

Bobbi Gastall, Live Art, Leeds, somewhereto_, FRAMED, independent businesses, art trail
Bobbi's designs on a tote


What was it about the FRAMED project which drew you to it?

Illustration & independence!

Are you excited to be working with On the Wall?

Very much so, I’ve always loved the shop. It’s one of Leeds’ little treasures. OTW asked for pop culture characters and Christmas. It was pretty loose, which I loved, and I’m currently in the midst of making them a huge, hand-painted canvas to display in the window. I’m bringing the characters and the Christmas, and my own swooshy style.

What should people coming to view your work expect?

Nothing too serious!

What do you hope to get out of the project?

I mostly look forward to working with On The Wall, but I am also really pleased to have such a great location to display my work in the City Centre. It’s pretty crazy really; an awesome opportunity.

Sanah Ferdous, 21

Paired independent: Bundobust

How did you first get into henna?

I used to watch my aunty apply henna onto myself and other members of the family, which I found very interesting and from then I began trying henna on myself, which gradually after years of practise turned into a profession. I have been a henna artist for five years,  I have learnt to perfect my henna designs and can easily create designs on many different materials without the use of an image or photograph.

Sanah Ferdous, henna, henna art, Bundobust, art trail, Leeds, young artists, somewhereto_, FRAMED
Sanah's henna art


Henna is usually applied onto skin, is it difficult to upscale it and work on different materials?

As part of my degree studying textiles I incorporate my henna passion within my designs which benefits and leans either way, this allows me to broaden my portfolio within my henna art but also allows me to experiment and come up with new patterns and ideas towards my textiles work.

I have worked on a1 canvases and created henna designs with calligraphy, candles and glass mirrors. Working on another surface, such as a window will help me build up my confidence with how far I can push my henna art and also build up my portfolio for my henna art.

What drew you to the FRAMED project?

I thought the project gave me the opportunity to express my love for henna in the public eye. I enjoy taking time to create intricate details and I would love for my work to be displayed where it can be seen.

Sanah Ferdous, henna, henna art, Bundobust, art trail, Leeds, young artists, somewhereto_, FRAMED
Sanah's henna art

Do you think that being displayed in Bundobust will compliment your work?

I am excited to be working with Bundobust as they are an Indian restaurant, I think it ties in well to what I do. I am awaiting the window space where I’m going ahead with my designs and be able to get creative!

We will be bringing you more tasters from the young artists involved in the FRAMED project over the coming weeks. Remember to download our free Radius City Discovery App, to be guided in real time to each of the artworks locations!

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