From Naples to Leeds: The Story of Frizza

We would like to introduce you to… *drum roll* Frizza! One of the exciting new arrivals in the wonderful Leeds Kirkgate Market.

It is hard to resist pizza, whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a dedicated lifestyle choice – we love it. But the gang at Frizza have brought a pizza concept to Leeds that is sure to be like nothing you have tasted before, pizza in the form of deep fried dough…

(Frizza = fried + pizza. Get it?) 

This type of pizza (properly named Pizza Fritta) originated in Naples in the 14th century, when Neapolitans didn’t have access to expensive ovens so they had to fry their dough instead.

Pizza Fritta is the original street food in Naples and has a cult-like status over there – and after trying it, it will be unsurprising if the same doesn’t happen in Leeds. The real thing is hard to find in the UK according to the gang, which is why they created Frizza to supply to good people of Leeds with some traditional Pizza Fritta.

For your fried pizza, you have a choice of six toppings – three veggie options and two meat, so you have the best of both worlds to choose from! As well as pizza, you have the choice of an Antipasti selection, but it is not your ordinary Antipasti. Frizza’s main event of the antipasti is their fried dough sticks, which are something pretty special. 

So next time you’re in Leeds Kirkgate Market and you’re dreaming of some pizza that is a little different from what you’re used to, then head to Frizza for some deep fried goodness.