Hello & Welcome to Leeds – The Nathan Evans Mural Journey

If you have been down by Leeds Kirkgate Market’s outdoor market recently, you will not be able to help notice there is some changes happening down there.

Across the way hundreds of workers in hi-vis construct the mass John Lewis building, set for opening later this year. But among the sounds of construction and heavy machinery,  you cannot help but also have your eyes caught by what is happening across the road; one man alone is working day and night, rain, rain, rain, or shine, to do something quite spectacular: a public art piece that will act as a beacon entrance to Leeds’ historical and beloved market. And having visited it on a daily basis and seeing its progression, we must say, we are excited.

The piece was commissioned by Leeds City Council’s Unfold program with funding from Leeds BID to celebrate the coming of the British Art Show 8, and is a marriage showing off the integral history of Leeds, as well as the new creative blood coursing through its veins on a daily basis, both of which make up the face of the city as we know it.

Come and see what Leeds is about: Hello and Welcome to Leeds.

We have a full article on the way on completion of this epic art work, but for the time being, enjoy our photo blog of the progress so far.

Keep up the great work Nathan Evans:

For more on the work of Nathan Evans, visit his site

Photos courtesy of BOKEHGO

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