Holy Mountain! There’s a new Mexican in Leeds..

Death to false tacos!

The Holy Mountain is a three-month residency taking place at Chida Cantina on Cross Belgrave Street. This is a place for coeliacs, carnivores and vegans to unite, as the menu showcases meat full, meat free and gluten free options – meaning you can bring any Tom, Dick and Harry for some good food and some good vibes.  

Their menu focuses on homemade quality food using ingredients that are locally sourced – from friends of the guys in Leeds Kirkgate Market. They want to emphasise good quality at a price that doesn’t break the bank, so they offer amazing tacos at three for £5 and what they call a ‘TV dinner’ (two taco’s, rice, guacamole, tortilla chips and hot sauce) for £9.  


The guys at the Holy Mountain aim to offer you Mexican food like you have never tried it before – forget fancy dining, they want you to experience social dining. They believe that each dish has a little story to be told and they want to tell you about it (whilst you eat taco’s, do shots and listen to rock and roll, playing just a little louder than you’d expect).  

This concept stems from the brains of Harry Johns and Sean Balcombe – who both have a passion for good food and good music. Harry went to Mexico when he was on tour with his band in 2011 and ate Mexican food from little old ladies on the street – he was amazed by the idea of eating good food that didn’t have to be in a restaurant and served casually. 


After this he started doing pop-ups with a DIY frontage made from cardboard, all powered by his genuine love for Mexican food. Then Sean came into the mix to help him out due to his culinary background and a love for feeding people – roll on 2017, and the Holy Mountain Kitchen was formed.  

Their idea was to reflect the evenings they want to have. A place where people can go their own and feel comfortable as they want it to be personable – the sort of American style vibe where it is just a friendly atmosphere. “Like ‘Cheers’, but in Mexico…” according to Sean. 


So, if you’re wanting a real taste of Mexico, head up to Chida Cantina and experience The Holy Mountain from now until Christmas! Open from Monday to Friday from 4pm till late and 12pm till late on Saturday.  


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