Issue 8 – Sound and Vision

Independent Leeds magazine delves into the diverse goings on across the city. Each issue follows a different theme and for issue 8 the focus was on Sound and Vision.

From peace and space to noise and movement, Leeds can be listened to and viewed in many forms, and the magazine set out to explore the collective sounds and visions that characterise the city and its people.

For the cover, Benjamin Craven captured this by showcasing a Leeds full of life, colour and love! Ben is an artist who uses different techniques, and here his heavy use of geometric lines gives order to what appears to be a haphazard array of clashing colours and patterns, resulting in end designs that are anything but accidental. The cover leads on to a balcony overlooking a peak of the city, that inside reveals a montage of an abstract Leeds. Ben’s illustration creates a retro party feel, which heralds the start of the Summer!

Iberica La Bodega