Leeds Street Style: Sneaker Heads

Title Photo: @jwarrenjones
Feature Photos: @onlyopticempire

When you think of street style, Leeds springs to mind as being a front runner due to its urban nature and quirky characteristics, which is reflected by city residents in their attire – well, with their footwear in particular. What we have found is that no matter the gender, style or age, Leeds is full of absolute Sneaker Heads.

With the negative stigma for wearing sneakers diminished – they have been on the uprise and have allowed individuals to express themselves through their footwear with different styles and colours. Below our friend @onlyopticempire has captured a variety of Leeds based Sneaker Heads and how they rock their kicks.

There is a saying that you should always look up in life, but when there are sneakers as cool as these on the streets of Leeds, it is acceptable to sometimes look down too.


Jack (@_kapowski_)
Victor Mputu (@viictorr_m)
Harry Pye (@harrypye)
Sophie Turner (@sophievturner)
Puck van der Laan (@puckkvdl)
Georgia Shires (@georgiashiress)
Nath Hamilton (@blackychan97)
James Mitchell
Maddie Smith (@maddiel_smith)
Victor Mputu (@viictorr_m)
Aiden Power @aiden_power
Lemi Aten (@aten_tjehen)
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