It’s a kind of magic….

Roundhay Park is an absolute dream during the day and we are very lucky to be exposed to the landscapes and impressive scenery so close to our city centre. But whilst it is beautiful during the day, it is now even more beautiful at night thanks to the Magical Lantern Festival, which continues till the 1st of January.

In its second year, The Magical Lantern festival really does do a spectacular job of making the night brighter, and shows amazing craftsmanship from those in charge of creating the centrepieces.

The lanterns range from different themes, whether it be oriental themed, Christmas themed, or Quality Street themed – the detail gone into each creation is absolutely exquisite, and a perfect vision to see no matter what age you are.

Despite the cold weather, the Magical Lantern Festival warms your heart as it is the perfect place to spend time with family, and get you right into the Christmas spirit. As well the main attraction itself, there is also a tipi with a bar (mulled wine anyone?!), a variety of street food vendors and amusements throughout.

If you’re looking for something to light up your life, this is a definite to visit – whether you are a couple, a family or friends… it truly is magical.