TRANSFORM16 Partnership

We’re always one to champion innovative, creative outputs and help to push them to the forefront, so we’re delighted to be able to announce our official partnership with TRANSFORM, starting with their exciting TRANSFORM16 programme across the 22nd and 23rd of April.

Presenting festivals of performance from Leeds and internationally, whilst concocting projects with bold artists all year round, TRANSFORM presents theatre works everywhere from arts venues across Leeds, to city sites and outdoor spaces. They’ve already successfully hosted five annual festivals at West Yorkshire Playhouse but TRANSFORM16 signals their first outing as a brand new, independent company.

Their 2016 weekender provides bite-sized performances and events which hope to tickle your theatrical taste buds and engineer intrigue. The two day event aims to give you a taste of what is to come when their festival hits in April 2017, of which plans will be unveiled at the opening launch night party held at Live Art Bistro on Friday 22nd April 2016.

Amy Letman, Transform Creative Director explains what the 2016 weekender entails, “This bite-sized, introductory programme embodies Transform’s adventurous spirit and our continued desire to reimagine what theatre can look like. We are passionate about creating bold theatre works that are rooted within our home city of Leeds, whilst connecting to the wider world and inviting international artists and perspective to what we do. Presenting our refreshed and independent mission, this programme just gives a flavour of what’s to come.”

One of the highlights from the 2016 weekend will be the world premiere of WANTED, a production which made our ears prick up as soon as we heard the concept. Starting with a blank canvas, individuals, groups, families and friends were asked to tell TRANSFORM what they would like to see happen on stage, and with the help of award-winning director Chris Goode and his team, they’ll help to make this fantasy happen. So whether it’s firing glitter from a cannon, traditional theatre, dance or even bunny racing, it could end up on taking centre stage.

As our role as official partner, we’ll have the pleasure of following the journey of some of the WANTED groups from conception of the idea, through to the live performance, keeping you updated on our blog and social media along the way.

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