Vitamin: Brothers and Sisters Residency

Vitamin, band, Brudenell Social Club, Hyde Park ,Leeds, Independent Leeds, Brothers & Sisters
Vitamin at Brudenell Social Club

“You know, you go to lots of shit parties where you don’t really fit in. You’ve just got to have your own party, don’t you?”


I always wonder what The Brudenell Social Club looks like to people who’ve never been? From the outside you could easily imagine six old men sat at the bar, drinking too many John Smiths for a Tuesday evening.

However, as everyone lucky enough to be in the loop knows, behind the doors is a long history of great nights with thousands of incredible musicians and on this night, things were no different.

I arrived at Vitamin’s third and final night of their Brothers and Sisters residency at The Brudenell. As I walked through the doors I was greeted by the bands as they prepared for the nights events. First on the bill was Headrow, a young band who formed in 2012. They were a fantastic start to the evening, with their enigmatic performance which set the mood for the rest of the night.

Vitamin, band, Actor, Band, Brudenell Social Club, Hyde Park ,Leeds, Independent Leeds, Brothers & Sisters
Actor at Brudenell Social Club

Next up were Actor. Where do I start with his band? Sometimes you see something that just blows your mind. This three piece band may look small, but their sound is nothing of the sort. I was mesmerised, this massive sound and the evocative vibes weren’t just hitting me, but the crowd as well.

The night was already going so well, I couldn’t see how it could improve. However, Vitamin decided to prove me wrong. As they strolled on to the stage, they instantly create an atmosphere that wasn’t their before.

The crowd are no longer close to the stage, but instead, hugging the stage to get that little bit closer. The first song begins, and so does the dancing. Like a game of Simon Says the crowd react to everything the band does as if they’re part of the act. They’re asked to raise their hands and of course, their hands raise. The band truly delivered on their promise of a party.

I spoke with the band after their set.

Vitamin, band, Brudenell Social Club, Hyde Park ,Leeds, Independent Leeds, Brothers & Sisters
Vitamin on stage at Brudenell Social Club


So how long have you been Vitamin?

Two years. We’ve know each other since we were twelve, which is always the way it goes and we’ve been playing music together since we were twelve, but Vitamin really started about two years ago.

Have you all lived in Leeds all your life?

No, we’re from all over, but we’ve all become the people we are now in Leeds. The important years for us were here. All the classic ‘Firsts’ happened here.

How was Leeds to you when you got started, was the music scene here good to you?

I don’t think it’s ever been a thing that’s ever crossed our minds really. We’ve been playing around Leeds in someway since we were twelve and you’re not really aware of it that much.

Leeds has a great music scene though, everyone is really open. It’s been easy for us, we just work hard, put out our tunes and there’s so many different venues and opportunities and vibes. If you just live it, there’s all these people here and it just happens.

If you could go back to yourselves as you were getting started, is there anything you would change?

I don’t know if we’d change anything. Live with no regrets. Just make wicked tunes and play well, good things will come and Leeds definitely has the venues, the scene and the talent to do that. It sounds cheesy and obvious, but just stay ‘True’.

So moving on to this evening. How did ‘Brothers & Sisters’, your residency here at The Brudenell begin?

We were asked pretty early on, ‘What do think of the Leeds Music Scene, where do you see yourselves in the Leeds Music Scene?’ There was a lot of great stuff going on at the time but we never really saw ourselves in ‘it’. From that, the idea came to us that we could do this thing with all this amazing stuff under one roof.

You know, you go to lots of shit parties where you don’t really fit in. You’ve just got to have your own party, don’t you? And when they’re good, you’ve just got to keep having them.

So how did you end up bringing ‘Brothers & Sisters’ to The Brudenell Social Club?

We just asked. We’ve known the guys here for a while and they’ve always been great to us. It’s our local venue, we come here all this time.

So tonight is Part three of ‘Brothers & Sisters’ which is unfortunately the final night of your residency. What’s next for Vitamin?

Well after tonight, we’ll have a party. Then next year we are putting out some new tunes. Put the album out there. Hit the road and hopefully go to some places we’ve never been before. Hopefully have some more parties as well. Try and take ‘Brothers & Sisters’ further.

Next year is really a year where anything can happen, but just expect a lot of gigs and a lot of tunes. We have big plans for ‘Brothers & Sisters’, I think it’s part of an overall dream. We want to make it more than ‘one night in one place’, we want to take it to a place where it can be anything.

Keep your eyes peeled for these guys in 2016, I’m pretty certain we’re all going to be seeing a lot more of Vitamin.

Words and Photography: Declan Creffield


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