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5 places to go in Leeds for a proper good laugh

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With these January blues in full swing, it’s fair to say we could all do with a little pick me…

Hello Otley!

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Illustrations: Emma Saynor (@emma_illustrates)   Ahh Otley – you inspire us with your traditional pubs, nifty little bakeries and your…

5 things to do for your New Years Resolution

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There is a negative stigma attached to New Years resolutions, but there needn’t be. There seems to be a lot…

3 things you need to do before Christmas Day

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The big day is around the corner, but unlike a checklist of intense and/or boring things (like prepping your turkey…


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There are certain visuals that become ingrained in a city’s psyche, so much part of its essence that they are just there, without thought of what, why, or how they became…

It’s a kind of magic….

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Roundhay Park is an absolute dream during the day and we are very lucky to be exposed to the landscapes…

Game On by Luke Jackson (Illustration Joel Burden)

Game On

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The Board Game Guy – AKA Luke Jackson – is on a quest to remind us that games used to be fun, social activities…

With These Hands (the bakery edition)

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Photos: Sian Chapman (@sianchpmn) Our feature entitled “With These Hands” focuses on individuals in Leeds who use their hands to…

The Queens of Industry at Leeds Industrial Museum

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Today, we are used to seeing strong females – since the rise of girl power and an undying amount of…

5 Halloween happenings in Leeds for you to get your creep on!

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There’s a lot of spooky happenings going on in Leeds this Halloween weekend and beyond, so we’ve narrowed down a…

Holly Blakey brings Some Greater Class to the Riley Theatre

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There’s no denying the lasting impact a music video can have on the senses. Hypnotic, beautiful, and often provocative visuals, combined with carefully constructed hooks or pulsing beats can stay with us well beyond the 3 minute format.

Home is not always where the heart is with Emmaus Leeds

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It is evident that there has been an unfortunate rise in homelessness over the past few years, with this year (2017) marking the sixth year of the rise in rough sleepers. It is devastating to envision people living without a home, especially through no doing of their own, and is an issue we need to help tackle and fast. 

Love Food, Give Food: Action Against Hunger in Leeds

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In Leeds, we celebrate the growing community that we have and respect the support that we have for one another – whether it be a business, a movement in the community or even a charity. We join together and help each other out, which is something that makes our city so unique.

Leeds Communities: Sweet Home Armley

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Armley Town Street has seen a decline in local and independent shops and a rise in Booze Bins and Bookies. There are visible problems associated with drugs and alcohol. These issues can’t be ignored, but Armley should not be defined by them.

Little Leeds Library: A Garden In Your Pocket

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There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘a book is a garden in your pocket’. It is also, I have recently discovered, a way of tying invisible threads between a community.

Happy 50th Birthday to the Leeds West Indian Carnival!

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They say that some things get better with age, which is definitely the case for The Leeds West Indian Carnival. Yesterday, the people of Leeds saw an explosion of colour on the streets in celebration of its 50th year in the running.

Return of the Bike: Leeds Motorcycle Social 2017

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he dust has settled. The passing of hundreds of bikes kicked it into the air above Canal Mills, where it mixed with the fragrance of spicy food and the metallic tang of fresh exhaust fumes, and was held there by an updraft of voices, laughter and music throughout the weekend.

Leeds Parties with Pride

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Every year, Leeds Pride just seems to be getting bigger and better. 2017 is home to a generation with the knowledge and acceptance of everyone, which makes for perfect participations in this celebration of love, unity, diversity and togetherness, and what a treat it was.