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5 things to do for your New Years Resolution

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There is a negative stigma attached to New Years resolutions, but there needn’t be. There seems to be a lot…

How whiskey can help The Domino get from Leeds to New York…

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Jo Last of The Domino Club Leeds is somewhat of a cocktail connoisseur, which she has proven by reaching the…

5 Halloween happenings in Leeds for you to get your creep on!

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There’s a lot of spooky happenings going on in Leeds this Halloween weekend and beyond, so we’ve narrowed down a…

Holy Mountain! There’s a new Mexican in Leeds..

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The Holy Mountain is a three-month residency taking place at Chida Cantina on Cross Belgrave Street. This is a place for coeliacs, carnivores and vegans to unite, as the menu showcases meat full, meat free and gluten free options – meaning you can bring any Tom, Dick and Harry for some good food and some good vibes. 

A Love for Istanbul with Leeds Drum Centre

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Usually when you hear the word “Istanbul” you think of the city – but in Leeds when you hear it, you should be thinking of the Istanbul Agop cymbals on sale at Leeds Drum Centre… 

A family affair

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Cleve Freckleton is Leeds street soul musician Reverend Chunky and father of Marcus Freckleton. Marcus Freckleton is Leeds street grime musician Dialect and son of Cleve Freckleton.

For the love of Leeds

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Ashley Kollakowski (Belgrave Music Hall, Headrow House, Whitelocks, Turks Head) moved to Leeds over two decades ago. Since then he has seen the city grow and places come and go.

Corinne Bailey Rae's love of Leeds

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Singer Corinne Bailey Rae was born and grew up in Leeds before becoming a world acclaimed musician. On release of her new album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, she returned to her home city to play at Leeds Town Hall and told Independent Leeds what Leeds means to Corinne Bailey Rae.

pARTy in Leeds @ Belgrave Music Hall

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A lot has changed in 17 decades, in our fair city and elsewhere, but from the inception of Leeds College of Art right up until now, one thing has remained consistent: Everyone loves a good party.

Digger’s Island Discs: Jumbo Records Leeds

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This time we celebrate Leeds Jumbo Records’ 45th birthday for Digger’s Island Discs, which explores the collections of Leeds’ most profile vinyl slingers and groove bingers present us with records they could not live without. Matt Bradshaw, Jumbo Records’ fount of musical knowledge and DJ of ace eclectic obscurities talks us through his…

Girls Can Play: Leeds Electronic Scene

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Slut Drop is a night run by power trio Cat, Bernie and Oonagh, whose aim is to give more space to women in the DJ scene. The music is a mixture of electronic, hip hop and experimental, and the line up is, almost always, all female.

Bars & Guitars: Leeds as a rock & roll city

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Call Lane has developed a reputation for a mighty good time. As the many impressive bars increasingly line both sides and the crowds flock to the hedonism, it is still the original opening which brought rock & roll to the lane that they surround.

Independent Leeds’ Big Disco Playlist

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In the run up to Big Disco we asked the wax slingers and groove bringers within the Independent Leeds contributing team to tell us their favourite disco tracks of all time.

Searching for Leeds’ unsung independent music heroes

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Indie50 is looking for the unsung heroes of the indie music scene and have turned to the people of Leeds to nominate the characters who lurk in the shadows of the live circuit scene but who without, it just wouldn’t be the same.

An investigation into lyrics by Leeds band Galaxians

Categories: Music & Nightlife

Jed Skinner of Galaxians takes an insturmentalist’s exploration into the wonders of lyric writing.

Record Store Day at Jumbo Records Leeds

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As thousands across the nation celebrated Record Store Day, Mike of @vibrant_Leeds documented the day of live events at Jumbo Records.

Poetic Licence

Categories: Music & Nightlife

We talk to Denmarc Creary and dispel any myth that poetry holds no relevance to modern life or for the youth of today

The Two Band Syndrome

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With so many musicians part of more than one band/project, we speak to Charlie Thomas to uncover what drives him to pack his schedule full with two successful music projects, a part time job and even more on the horizon.