New York inspired venue on Call Lane

Bars on Leeds’ Call Lane aren’t hard to come by – it’s the centre of Leeds’ nightlife after all. But Brooklyn Bar, snuck under the bridge at the bottom of the street, is a gem to discover.

Its sleek décor, with nods to New York City dotted about the walls, have made it a comfortable spot for a cheeky cocktail or bottle of lager since it was established in 2010, while the eclectic soundtrack of funk, soul, R&B and hip-hop liven it up on an evening.

So far so good? Well, Brooklyn Bar’s ace up their Yankee sleeves is the Kitchen that resides within, dishing up some of the tastiest burgers this side of JFK. That Stateside influence filters down to the exceptional cocktail menu too, with the N.Y.C(ollins) and Madison Square Mojito- unsurprisingly big Call Lane favourites.

Though it can’t take you to the streets of The Big Apple, Brooklyn Bar does a mighty fine job of bringing New York to your Leeds night out – and that’s no mean feat in itself.

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