Carriageworks Theatre

Leeds' friendliest city centre theatre

The Carriageworks Theatre brings a wide variety of theatre and film and events to the people of the Leeds, from the beating heart of the Electric Press on Millennium Square.

Proud home of the Leeds Civic Arts Guild, the Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers and a wide range of weekly classes open to the Leeds community, the theatre is invested to growing the next generation of talent right here in Leeds. It’s because of this that the Carriageworks Theatre is regarded as such a forward thinking┬átheatre, tasking itself with entertaining and inspiring all audiences in the region, through the medium of performance.

Due to its huge popularity, the theatre’s calander is full to the brim with show-stopping events. From serious dramas to musicals to pantomimes, the Carriageworks Theatre covers all performance bases so you can laugh, cry, and reflect in a theatre of extremely comfortable seating.

The theatre also puts on a host of interactive workshops across the year, so that you can get hands-on and involved with activities you wouldn’t even have dreamed of experiencing in Leeds.

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