Church Leeds

Live music in a celestial setting

Headed up by Back To Basics co-founder Dave Beer and Aaron Mellor of Tokyo Industries, Church is the most exciting, flexible and creative event space in the city.

What makes Church so special is the building itself. A converted grade two listed church nestled in the vibrant student nucleus of Leeds, the high ceilings and stone walls, the misty air and the stained glass windows make it the most incredible space to witness live music, whether you’re there to see a band or a DJ set. They have a huge range and diversity of talent that look to Church’s venue space as a must-stop on their tours. And from the sound they can create inside the celestial walls, it’s no surprise why.

Just a stone’s throw from the city centre, Church lies on the doorstep of The University of Leeds, giving the campus and even more cultured edge. With a main room that holds up to 780 people and a second room that can be used alongside the first, Church can accommodate events and club nights of all sizes.

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