Coldbath Barbers

Sharp modern haircuts in an authentic retro setting

Coldbath Barbers have been offering sharp haircuts and male grooming since 2001. In the heart of Chapel Allerton, the retro, curiosity shop design and cool soundtrack offer a nostalgic step into a different era, a laid back establishment where time stops temporarily, allowing for the exert barbers to spend all the time in the world on giving you the freshest trim!

High quality, contemporary haircuts and relaxing hot towel shaves become your only worldy concerns. There’s an eclectic selection of books to peruse while you relax on the Chesterfield too, if you’re challenging yourself to become a well-read gentleman. There’s an effortless cool to Coldbath, which means that the place is overflowing with chaps just ‘hanging out’ in the hope of absorbing some its ambiance-of-cool before hitting the town.

Coldbath also offers a hand-picked selection of male grooming products to take home with you… but you probably won’t want to leave.

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