Cottage Road Cinema

The oldest cinema in Leeds

The Cottage Road Cinema is the oldest cinema in Leeds and one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, and it has been continuously showing films since 1912. With competitive prices and a varied selection of films, including special classic performances, The Cottage Road Cinema keeps the traditional cinema experience alive in the 21st Century.

The Cinema’s auditorium is capable of seating 450 people in a stadium seating configuration, most of which are taken up by stalls seating. However, you can┬áventure into the centre of the auditorium, where specially selected Pullman seats are situated, in order to give you the most comfortable and heavenly perch to watch the movie of your choice. Due to their central location, you can enjoy an un-obstructed view of the screen with excellent sound.

The Cottage Road is equipped with state of the art digital projection and Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound in its auditorium allowing you to experience the films as they were intended, with crystal clear picture and truly immersive sound.

The Cottage Road Cinema is also available to hire for conferences, private screenings (including parties), and Film Festivals.

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