El Hefe

We are the first macro friendly healthy fast food eatery in Leeds that caters to anyone wanting to a eat clean, calorie controlled & healthy meal with natural, healthy non processed foods! Forget chemical filled, toxic, over processed foods with high amounts of hydrogenated toxic fats and synthetic meats. El Hefe offer a healthy, clean menu with a wide range of proteins, carbs and fibres to ensure your diet stays on track and you don’t have to worry about breaking your eating habits! Our meals provide the right percentage of protein, fats & macros and are accompanied  with nutritional information so all of your diet can be accounted for.

We  will shortly also offer a meal preparation service allowing you to order up to 5 freshly clean & non processed prepared meals per day that we can deliver to your door! Our online meal prep allows you to select your meals per day for up to 28 days and we have a variety of nutritious combinations available for you to choose from!

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