Friends of Ham

Top quality charcuterie and cheese, all washed down with craft beer and great wine.

Friends of Ham is a bar and charcuterie situated in the heart of Leeds. A continental-style café bar that was named the Best Place to Drink in the UK in The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2014.

A bespoke bar offering a British take on the European tapas scene and strong café culture, Friends of Ham specialises in Italian and Spanish cured meats, the finest cheeses from around the world, enough sherries to last four christmases, and wine. And that’s without mention that they serve an extensive range of craft beer with 14 taps and over 150 bottles!

The unique approach to sourcing high quality produce is clearly evident throughout the menu. The dishes are an array of subtle and scrumptious cold meat and cheese platters that ooze the real flavours of the true Mediterranean culture.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate hoppy Pale Ale, a delicious French Merlot, or a beautifully presented plate of melt-in-your-mouth Prosciutto. At Friends of Ham all they want is you to leave with a smile on your face. They are committed to bringing you the best food and drink, without compromise.

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