Horsforth Village Museum

Uncovering Horsforth's humble beginnings

Horsforth Village Museum is situated at the bottom of Horsforth Town St and has been run by volunteers since 1998.

Once described as the largest village in England, Horsforth and has managed to retain some of its village like identity, character and sense of community, something the Museum aims to reflect. This heritage is therefore omnipresent in the museum’s fascinating exhibits, which are all drawn from aspects of life in and around Horsforth. With a great propensity for nostalgia and educational value, it’s an absolute must for those interested in learning more about Yorkshire’s humble beginnings.

The Horsforth Village Historical Society is dedicated to research, with the aim of informing locals and visitors alike on the vast and detailed history of Horsforth. All the exhibits have been donated. The Museum also has a fantastic photograph collection, maps and general Horsforth Memorabilia, as well as a family history section, and all are welcome.

Something of a hidden surprise, be sure to uncover the Horsforth Village Museum’s many secrets.

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