Jumbo Records

A hub for local music and vinyl lovers

Jumbo Records is a long-established independent record shop in Leeds city centre. They stock vinyl and CD for musical genres across the board, from rock, pop, indie, electronica, punk, dance, reggae, soul, blues, jazz and country to folk from all corners of the globe.

They also sell concert tickets for venues across Yorkshire and a wide range of magazines and accessories.

Friendly and inclusive, the shop has long been a hub for the local music scene, stocking home-made CDs and records as well as providing space for bands to advertise their gigs.

Jumbo also has an online shop which is constantly updated with new releases and the latest local gig and event additions. But we recommend you spend the time to visit their store. There’s nothing like browsing the rows of undiscovered music, sifting through the mountains of glorious artwork, inhaling the raw music shop smell, and finding a true gem!

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