Laynes Espresso

A coffee destination close to home

Since opening in 2011, Laynes Espresso has become known across the city, and arguably the country, for delivering consistency and quality in every food and drink item it has served.

With a high level of customer service given by hugely knowledgeable staff, Laynes is regarded as the ‘go-to’ place in the city centre for much more than a cup of coffee. We’re the place to go to when buying coffee and quality brewing equipment for home use, as well as to find confident advice on how to get the most enjoyable coffee experience while at home.

Classes are held in the shop after hours for those who want even more knowledge and a chance to use the top end equipment used by Laynes baristas day in day out. We wanted to give the coffee drinking population of Leeds a venue that paid unparalleled attention to the quality of coffee and (possibly) milk, alongside an informative and welcoming environment to enjoy it in.

All of this helps us work towards being the premier coffee destination in Leeds.

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