Leeds Discovery Centre

Protecting the Leeds Museums and Galleries collections

The Leeds Discovery Centre is absolutely unique, a state-of-the-art museum storage facility which preserves and protects the Leeds Museums and Galleries collections.

On top of this important job, they also welcome members of the public to discover exactly what goes on behind closed doors. Their events are family-friendly, taking children further into the world of history in a simultaneously fun and educational environment.

But Leeds Discovery Centre also welcomes visits from more mature groups, whether you are interested in local history, curious about the museum or looking for a unique day out. Their array of options often involve¬†enjoying a delicious cup of Yorkshire tea while attending a talk from one of their curators, who are experts in their various fields.¬†There is also the option of an exciting ‘Discovery Tour’, where the curators can really show off their vast knowledge, and where you can enjoy an inclusive lunch.

Arrange a visit or take a free behind the scenes tour during their open hours on Thursday. It’s definitely worth the trip.

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