Leeds Print Workshop

A new hub for printmaking in Leeds

Leeds Print Workshop is a co-operative printmaking studio based on Vicar Lane in central Leeds. We provide access to print facilities and a space to work for anyone interested in printmaking, whether an established or prospective client.

As a not for profit co-operative organisation, our mission is made up of three parts:
1) To provide affordable printmaking facilities
2) To create a collaborative space for the sharing skills, ideas and expertise
3) To promote and develop environmentally-friendly and safe printmaking processes.

That’s why we value democracy, equality, and solidarity. We are committed to this community that sustains us all, and work for its continued development in the way we know best: printmaking. Artists who want to make prints but don’t have the space or equipment can get a membership and use our studio. We also offer workshops in linocut, monoprinting, fabric and paper screenprint, natural dyeing, bookbinding and more.

We already have the workshop of our dreams, but we’re expanding our equipment range all the time. We’ve benefitted from a lot of donations from our friends in the artistic community, and we’re always on the look out- donations of neglected screens or any other redundant equipment are always welcome.

We’re super easy to spot once you’ve found the Goat Collective mural on the facade, be sure to check it out on your way in!

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