Northern Bl°c

Straight talking ice cream. Nothing artificial, just great ingredients

At Northern Bl°c our philosophy is based on the simple principle of delivering the highest quality & taste using only the best, responsibly sourced natural ingredients. Served alone or paired with other food and drink, ice cream is equally sublime and it deserves to be honoured and celebrated.

We’re not based on the concept of “farmhouse dairy” ice cream, nor are we attempting to save the world scoop by scoop. Instead we aim to produce an ice cream experience that is second to none from our industrial unit in Armley.

Our chef is a world championship winning, third generation ice cream expert. When he’s not making ice cream, he’s researching flavour combinations for next season, studying the molecular structures of ice
cream and guest lecturing at the Gelato University in Italy.

With unique flavours such as Black Treacle and Strawberry & Black Pepper, Pistachio & Cardamom and Hazelnut & Tonka Bean you can find us served in some of Leeds’ finest cafés and restaurants. We’re also stocked at retailers, attractions and theatres in and around the city, so make sure your next ice cream fix is a Northern Bl°c one.

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