Northern School of Contemporary Dance

International centre of contemporary excellence

Northern School of Contemporary Dance utilises its unique, pristine¬†conservatoire environment to train its select students to develop and excel as dance artists. An international centre of excellence offering specialist, conservatoire-level contemporary dance training, the school puts on many events throughout the year to showcase its students’ incredible talents.

Founded in 1985 by Nadine Senior as the first conservatoire dance school within the public sector, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance was built to give the young people of Leeds vocational dance training like no other. Now¬†occupying an astounding architectural surrounding, the school operates within a unique site incorporating a Grade II listed former Synagogue. It’s a refreshing and inspiring, but not intimidating, mixture of old and new, at the heart of which is the Riley Theatre.

The Riley Theatre is one of the very few dedicated dance venues in the North, exhibiting professional work by visiting regional, national and European artists and companies, alongside the work of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance’s talented students. This means there is always a chance of witnessing something completely original at the school.

Where else will you find that in Leeds?

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