Opposite Cafe

Fresh coffee at the foot of the Parkinson steps

Leeds’ first specialty coffee bar opened back in 2005 ‘Opposite’ the steps of Leeds University. If you love drinking brilliant coffee, eating lovely homemade fresh food, listening to random music or hanging out on fat sofas looking at pictures – especially drinking brilliant coffee – then Opposite Cafe is the place for you!

Our original Leeds University site was built to bring fairtrade coffee, healthy affordable food and a community space for all the lonesome art students to Leeds. Still an iconic hangout, Opposite rejects the homogenised high street look, relying on its legendary chocolate brownies, and its staff that are mad as badgers.

Big on sustainability, with organic milk, direct trade coffee, compostable cups, Opposite even have their own food composter out back. It’s healthy, honest, homemade food; you’ll find no additives or excess sugar and salt in their grub.

We also have a sister cafe located in Chapel Allerton. Check our website for details.

Different shops suit different people, but then you wouldn’t want everywhere to be the same, would you?

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