Rawlins Paints Limited

Rawlins Paints is a specialist paint manufacturing and distribution company for commercial and industrial business solutions.

Rawlins Paints stock a wide range of industry-focused manufacturers’ products, which our customers are unable to buy from High Street or shopping park/DIY stores. Whilst next day delivery is available across the UK, we are proud to offer professional advice to our local business-owning customers and help them with, for example, the fire protection paints and coatings they need to meet fire regulations for their business or work place – again, something which is not available from superstores and generic decorating outlets. If you need ‘on-site’ support across the Leeds area for health and safety paints and coatings, contact us today.

The products available at Rawlins Paints, and the technical support that accompanies them have seen many small businesses greatly improve health and safety within the workplace. From anti-slip floor paints, to chemically resistant coatings for concrete floors, expanding businesses are able to successfully find their detailed and specific requirements met, with high-performance products that deliver years’ of protection.

Colour is frequently a key requirement for businesses who have a uniform or branded colour scheme – and at Rawlins Paints, they are able to buy metal paints, cladding and roof paints, interior and exterior floor and specialist wall coatings, in exact matching RAL or British Standard colours, with many products tintable or available in hundreds of colours not available anywhere else, locally.

Fire protection is Rawlins Paints’ specialist area, with the Fire Retardant Paints range recently expanding to add fire protection paint systems, fire retardant varnish and fire stopping products alongside the established intumescent paint, heat resistant paint, fire door upgrade kit and flame retardant topcoat product ranges.

As an industrial paint specialist company, we are open 6 days a week (half-days on Saturdays), offering a store collection service, or free next day delivery on-site for bigger orders, and product recommendations from repair materials to primers and undercoats, to topcoats and application equipment.

Leeds has a rapidly expanding independent business scene, and we are proud to have provided specialist paints and coatings to a number of them.

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