Red’s True Barbecue

Let there be meat!

Hungry souls of Leeds, the end of bad barbecue has arrived. Your saviour is here: Red’s True Barbecue.

Rejoice in prime cuts of meat smoked low and slow, so glorious that angels weep tears of joy. Behold glazes, rubs and table sauces infused with flavour and worthy of worship. Behold the true taste of barbecue, one that does all the work for you. All you have to do is turn up and eat.

People of Leeds, fear no more. Let there be meat! Let there be flavour. Let there be Red’s. Come forth and worship at Call Lane, or Headingley Church of True Barbecue. Taste the edible sermon that is the endless platters of beef jerky, loaded fries, barbecue trays, meaty “s’wiches”, and more burgers than you could eat in a lifetime. So you better get started!

You’re home. You’re saved.

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