Roxy Ball Room

Ping pong & pool meets pizza & pints

Roxy Ball Room- an expansive stripped-back space jam-packed with ping pong and pool tables aimed at bringing out the big kid in you.

Set above the revamped shop units which housed the old Square on the Lane pub until 2011, Roxy Ball Room is accessed through a stairway flanked by vintage cinema seats which lies between Caffè Nero and Wilkinsons in Albion Street.

Its huge, cleverly-separated interior marks sections for ping pong and beer pong drinking games, a row of pool tables and seated sections that are well guarded from any mishit table tennis balls. While taking a break from the games, you can indulge in the range of delicious fresh dough pizza, home made burgers and a range of tapas style nibbles that Roxy Ball Room also serves.

There are lots of beers and lagers to choose from including Asahi, Cobra, Whitstable Pale Ale alongside some local products.

Roxy Ball Room is a game changer in Leeds City Centre that has an amazing atmosphere powered by a Rock & Indie classic soundtrack.

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