Thackray Medical Museum

The fascinating and terrifying history of medicine

Adjacent to St James’s University Hospital, you will find The Thackray Medical Museum- a museum allowing you to discover the fascinating history of medicine. Housed in the old Leeds Union Workhouse, the museum is one of the largest medical museums in the UK, with exhibits that live up to their expectations.

Award-winning and engaging, the Thackray Medical Museum is a completely unique visitor attraction for all the family. Through nine interactive galleries you will be taken on a journey of discovery to explore the incredible world of medicine. You will find yourself suddenly transported back in time to the dirt and grime covered streets of Victorian Leeds. You will meet the characters who lived there and discover exactly what it was that was making them ill.

You will enter the frightening world of pre-anaesthetic surgery to explore the horrifying tools of the Victorian surgeon. Here more than anywhere you will discover how the innovations of modern surgery and the breakthroughs in science have changed all our lives for the better.

As you travel forwards in time, and before you leave, be sure to take a trip to the LifeZone to discover how your body works and how to stay healthy. It’s  a gallery particularly suited to younger visitors and of paramount importance in today’s age.

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