The Faversham

All roads lead back to The Faversham

You’ll be hard pressed to find an independent venue that gets the balance between being a bar, a club and a private hire venue as spot on as The Faversham does- whether you’re looking in Leeds or at Britain as a whole!

With a pub grub menu and large conservatory serving a great selection of beers, The Faversham has been building on its rave reviews since it opened in 1947, so that it is now a true tour de force in the Leeds pub scene. With locally sourced food, the venue has the community at heart, and prides itself on being able to give back so heavily to the community that loves and sustains it.

The Faversham has also played an instrumental role in developing the city’s music scene, providing a space for performers to entertain audiences for decades. The emphasis here is on creativity and quality, and this extends from the ovens of the kitchen right through to the variety of the events.

On Thursdays, The Faversham is also host to ‘Go Nuts at Donuts’, one of the most prolific nights out on the student scene. Due to the unique layout of its venue, Donuts can be as relaxed, as fun, or as intense as you like. This also makes The Faversham the perfect host for the now infamous ‘Garden Party’, which lets you drift all day long in the warmth of summer to the sound of great music and to the taste of great beer.

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