The Maven

Prohibition with a modern twist

One of the most enigmatic bars on Call Lane, The Maven stands out because of its very elusiveness. It’s doorway doesn’t have a sign, and the staircase to the doors are hidden, because what lies behind the darkened windows of the door emblazoned ‘M’ is quite possibly the worst kept secret in the Leeds nightlife scene.

Relatively new to Call Lane, The Maven raises a glass and doffs a cap to the legendary era of US prohibition, and the people of Leeds are loving it! They’ve taken the speakeasy style to a whole new level with a uniquely stylish venue that oozes sophisticated cool. Behind the bar, some of the most creative, experienced and dapper mixologists in Leeds are waiting to craft you sheer perfection in a glass.

Their exclusive Hendricks room is the ideal place for group bookings and to wow your guests while enjoying some of the city’s finest cocktails with table service. You can also discover you inner mixologist by attending one of The Maven’s many unparalleled cocktail masterclass courses.

They’re hard to find, but that’s exactly how they like it. So, if you haven’t been before, give them a message and one of the bartenders will give you the directions. But remember…keep it to yourself.


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