The Swine That Dines

The Swine That Dines  is “Informal Small Plate Dining”. We open Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm and are a great option for  pre-theatre customers, as we are very close to the The Grand. We take booking via twitter @SwineThatDines and 07477 834227

The Swine That Dines is the only restaurant in Leeds that once a month puts out a completely vegetarian menu. There are restaurants in the city which  are exclusively vegetarian, but The Swine That Dines is unique in that our food could be classed as Modern British – and this isn’t typically a cuisine that has a great track record with vegetarian food.

The menu for the rest of the month the month tends to have a strong #NoseToTail flavour ie we make our own faggots, black pudding, and use cuts like Ox Tongue, heart etc. Again this makes us fairly unique.

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