Tong Tong

An emporium of Chinese teas and desserts

Tong Tong is a wonderful spot in the centre of Leeds for finding both quality tea and authentic desserts.

A surprising array of delicious homemade desserts from East Asia are freshly made daily, using a combination of local produce and imported authentic ingredients. Also available is a large selection of teas ranging from bubble teas, flower teas and traditional Chinese and Japanese tea.

Tong Tong’s staff are even bubblier than their tea and, on top of this, they ensure that they offer non-dairy milks in their teas, meaning its treasures can be enjoyed by vegan and lactose intolerant friends too.

It’s lovely spot to meet friends, utilising a comfortable European seating, as well as an upper seating area Chinese style. A great place to enjoy a leisurely catch up with friends, and a real little jewel in the heart of the city.

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