Vanilla One

A fabulous coffee shop in Leeds' landmark building

Here at Vanilla One, we do simple things really well and have been doing so since 2012. We provide a wide range of tea and coffee to enjoy while being seated on the concourse, under one of the most iconic and beautifully designed buildings in Leeds.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat while exploring the many shops surrounding, we have everything from toasted Panini’s and Bagels to full English breakfasts. If you’ve got a sweet tooth we also offer a range of treats and cakes, which are made fresh and locally everyday.

Our unusual tea boards, complete with sand timers specific to the brewing time of each tea, will provide you with an authentic and  traditional experience. We pride ourselves on our 18 speciality loose leaf Jeeves and Jericho teas and our knowledgeable staff who give excellent service everyday.

If you’re looking for great food, drinks and an atmosphere like no other in Leeds, then Vanilla One is the coffee shop for you.

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