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Yep, that’s right – all we sell at West Yorkshire Cameras is analogue equipment – it’s still going strong.

It might seem strange if you’re not a photography enthusiast and are used to the convenience of digital cameras, but a large proportion of photographers still use film. With the majority of our lives spent looking at computer, phone, or television screens, shooting with film is a way of looking at the beautiful world around you without another screen in your way.

That’s why we here at West Yorkshire Cameras believe that the feeling of making something you can hold in your hand is a special one that all passionate and amateur photographers should get to experience. Selling cameras, lenses and accessories, we’re a gateway to the wonders of film photography in the heart of Leeds.

Our new, larger shop and darkroom is situated in Leeds Corn Exchange. We’re open seven days a week, and have a website in case you can’t come visit – so there’s no excuse not to try a proper camera.

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